Are you open to exploring a new narrative that focuses on self-love, body acceptance, and overall well-being?


Have you struggled with negative self-talk related to your appearance, and are you ready to replace it with self-love and acceptance?

How would it feel to break free from the cycle of diet culture and fully embrace a body-positive mindset?

What if you could redefine beauty on your terms and embrace the uniqueness that makes you who you are?


Are you ready to discover tools and resources that empower you to love and appreciate your body, regardless of societal expectations?


 Are you tired of thinking you need to be thinner or more SOMETHING before you go for your dreams?

You may be constantly striving to fit into society's image of ideal, and punishing yourself for not conforming?

It's time to break free from the cycle and take steps towards feeling alive and connected - authentically yourself.

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BODY LOVE REVOLUTION SUMMIT- Release Self Doubt, Practice Self Compassion, and Celebrate Liberation


12-15 FEBRUARY 2024


Hi, I'm Emma Walkinshaw, your Body Love Revolution Summit Host. My vision for the Body Love Revolution Summit is a significant part of my own evolution. Growing up in the 80s, I cherished my dolly, Cleo, and glossy Cosmopolitan magazines. However, I would often feel disheartened after seeing tall, thin, beautiful women, as I felt far from that ideal. But now, with greater understanding, I present to you the Body Love Revolution Summit. Together, let's explore and celebrate every woman’s body, regardless of size, color, or shape.


This summit brings together a group of knowledgeable women who perceive body love through various lenses. It's time to unlearn and challenge the toxic and unhelpful diet and body image culture that many of us have grown up with. My goal is to engage in heartfelt conversations, tapping into the expertise and opinions of others, enabling us to let go of self-judgment, the inner critic, and unrealistic beauty standards.


What I won't be discussing are food and exercise plans. Personally, I'm done with outsourcing my well-being. Let’s transition from self-punishment to self-nourishment. I assure you that this summit will be nourishing, featuring numerous experts contributing to the conversation on body love.


What is a summit and what this is all about?

The summit is a gathering of people who are knowledgeable in their given area and all of the speakers will be adding to the conversation and expressing their tips, tools and opinion. With an aim to expand your mind and your heart and if you cant move from self loathing to self love maybe we can meet you in the middle and self respect is where you land.

How it works...

A line up of 15 speakers over 4 days sharing their expertise in relation to all things body and self love related.

Sonya Choi La Rosa 

Sonya, a Certified Fashion Stylist and Personal Brand Coach. With a MBA in Technology and with over two decades of leadership in business transformation, she is your strategic force. Beyond the corporate sphere, she guides women in elevating personal and professional presence through style.

Passionate about empowerment, Sonya's approach is grounded in authenticity, ensuring clients step into their next level with confidence and impact. As the host of the "Style & Strategy" podcast, she extends her expertise to a broader audience, sharing insights on the transformative power of personal brand and style.


Her mission is clear: helping career women unlock their next level of success through the power of personal brand and style.   On a personal note she is a mum to 3, a sneaker and caffeine lover. 

Filipa Bellette

Filipa Bellette  is Co-Founder of multi award-winning health practice Chris & Filly Functional Medicine - and author of Ending Body Burnout. She is an accredited Clinical Nutritionist, Functional Medicine Practitioner, Coach & Trauma Therapist. She is also a PhD Scholar & regularly featured in the media, such as, Forbes and Body+Soul.


Together with her husband Chris Bellette, Filipa has worked with over 2,000+ burned-out clients in the past combined 25+ years. Their practice is best known for ending body burnout (for good!) in “busy” people with energy, mood & gut issues, with their ROOT-root-cause approach. They were awarded as the Tasmanian State Winner & National Finalist for the Telstra Best of Business Awards 2022, as well as Winner for the Australian Women’s Small Business Champion Awards 2022.


Filipa’s own passion for helping “busy” people have more energy, productivity and connection, came from her own personal experience of body burnout, after juggling the demands of business, family, and her failing health.

Dr. Lucy Burns

Dr Lucy is passionate about health. She helps women who have tried every diet under the sun optimise their health and achieve long lasting weight loss by improving metabolism and managing mindset so they can reduce the effects of chronic disease, have more energy and confidence and stop living life on the sidelines.

She was an “expert dieter” and an “expert emotional eater”. She developed obesity, fatty liver and pre-diabetes. As a medical doctor, this was mortifying.  She has completely abandoned traditional dieting and embraces a real food lifestyle. 

Dr Lucy is a medical doctor, a lifestyle medicine physician, and is trained in many facets of psychological medicine including hypnotherapy. 

She runs online holistic health and weight programs with her colleague Dr Mary Barson. They have now helped thousands of women reclaim their health. They are both very real and relatable and embody their company name - Real Life Medicine

Sarah Stafford

Sarah is on a mission to empower her clients to break free from dieting and transform their relationship with food and their bodies through Intuitive Eating. As a highly experienced Accredited Practising Dietitian and passionate advocate of the non-diet Intuitive Eating approach, Sarah firmly believes in promoting Health At Every Size (HAES) principles and rejecting restrictive diets in favour of a holistic approach to health Throughout her 13-plus years in private practise, Sarah realised that the traditional weight centric approach to health and nutrition was serving no-one, and yearned for an alternative more effective model. Intuitive Eating was the missing piece and since training as an Intuitive Eating Counsellor, hasn't looked back. Her personal journey of overcoming disordered eating adds a unique perspective and empathy to her work with clients, fueling her dedication and passion to create a lasting impact on diet culture for future generations. Beyond her professional endeavours, Sarah is a devoted mother of five, providing her with first hand understanding of the challenges and responsibilities of balancing family life, marriage, and entrepreneurship. When she's not spending time with her children or working on her business, you can find Sarah immersed in nature, enjoying walks in the bush or by the beach.

Anjali Woodford

A natural health and physical wellness coach, where I support community with naturopathic inspired holistic nutrition & physical wellbeing guidance. I am the  founder of GCWHNP.

Justene Catchon

Naturopath, Ayurvedic Lifestyle Coach, Formulator & Founder/CEO of Ibu Ayurveda - AYURVEDIC AND NATUROPATHIC SELF-CARE RITUALS FOR WOMEN

Shiela May Swimwear

Empowering women with confidence in their swimmers.

Madonna the Goddess

Body Positive Queen, Curve Model & Empowerment Photographer

Sab Chevrier

Teaching you to paint your body and love yourself a little more.

Lorie May 

As a fifteen year cancer survivor, Lorie has triumphed over adversity. Her journey has not only shaped her character but also fueled her passion for embracing life to the fullest, With a heart full of gratitude and a commitment to making a difference, she hopes to inspire those around her to embrace every moment and live life with purpose and joy. Lorie has channeled her positive energy into various creative pursuits. She enjoys painting
and creating art, using her experiences and emotions to craft meaningful and powerful pieces. Since her diagnosis, Lorie has had many private commissions as well as selling her
artwork in various Interior design stores in Melbourne.
Working part time as a model and actor since her 40s, allows Lorie to express her inner confidence, showcasing her belief in the importance of diversity and proving that age is a not a limitation but rather a source of strength and resilience. By challenging societal norms
with her grey hair, she sparks a cultural shift that recognizes and celebrates the vitality, wisdom and enduring beauty of women throughout all stages of life.
As a mother of a teenager daughter, Lorie hopes to inspire a generation of women to reject the belief that with age comes invisibility and embrace the full spectrum of possibilities that come with age.


Angela Nicole is a passionate self-love and confidence coach. Her business Bloom Within has been a source of inspiration for women, tweens, and teen girls, encouraging them to believe in their beautiful selves and bloom from within. With warmth and empathy, Angela has touched the lives of over 1000 girls through her heartfelt 1:1 coaching, group workshops, and bell tent retreats. Her mission is simple yet profound – to nurture a world where every woman and young girl can embrace their authenticity, love themselves deeply, and unfold into the radiant beings they are meant to be. Angela’s work is a testament to the power of self-love, creating a space where hearts & souls can flourish.

Emma Gilmour

Emma is a registered counsellor, psychotherapist, Senior This Naked Mind and Master Gray Area Drinking certified alcohol coach, living in Melbourne, Australia. Emma worked for 20+ years in corporate marketing and ran every morning before work. A working mum fuelled by adrenalin, coffee and booze, she looked like she had it all. But on the inside, she was running on empty. As she reached her mid-forties alcohol started to take more than it gave and so begun her long and very messy break-up with alcohol. Nothing stuck until her eldest asked her to 'stop bringing wine into their bedroom' then it finally landed for her. Emma started the process of rebuilding herself as an adult, with nurturing care. She discovered her values, stopped drinking, and had to create a whole new identity. Kicking the booze to the curb gave Emma a previously unknown level of confidence and personal power to pursue her dreams and become a qualified counsellor and coach. Still very much a work in progress, Emma is an Aussie based peri-menopausal mum of neuro and gender diverse teens. She loves stand up paddle boarding, ocean swimming and has recently purchased some gorgeous hot pink roller-skates. The focus of her coaching work is women in midlife wondering what might open up for them if they took a break from alcohol.

Laine Allen

After an 8-year corporate career as the youngest only female Order Fulfilment Supervisor for an Australian not-for-profit, government funded organization, Laine decided to leave her corporate identity behind in search of a fulfilling service-based career. Less than 12 months later Laine is a certified Global EFT Practitioner & Body Acceptance coach with her own podcast, based in Melbourne, Australia. Laine’s mission is to support & liberate women as they unsubscribe from diet culture & toxic body positivity through the somatic healing of Emotional Freedom Techniques (aka tapping) & coaching work. Allowing women to reclaim their bodies exactly as they are.


Victoria Edmond

Victoria has worked in the early childhood education sector for over 10 years. THe last two have seen her step into the spotlight and become well know within the Family Day Care sector. She has dedicated the last ten years to running a family day care service and enriching educators across Australia through her online courses and podcasts. Her journey took a transformative turn when she embraced the world of fitness. Initially motivated by overcoming online trolling, Victoria discovered an awe-inspiring strength in herself at the gym. This revelation led her to compete in Strong Women competitions. Known for her indomitable spirit, Victoria sees a challenge in every weight she lifts. Her trainer knows if she says something, it might be a "Bit too heavy"; it is like waving a red flag at a bull. The gym is her sanctuary, where she can fully express her power and glory, embodying the spirit of body positivity and strength."

Naomi Gottlieb-Miller

Naomi is a mover, a maker, and a mom of 3 wild, wonderful kids. Naomi has been teaching yoga and movement since 2005. She is known for classes that are creative, playful, and strong. Her classes and programs are built with #momlife in mind. Naomi specializes in teaching short classes that pack a punch, making sure you can easily squeeze your daily movement into whatever pockets in your day you happen to have.

Yogi Loui

Louise is a BioMedical Yoga & Meditation teacher and retreat host, specializing in Pain Relief, Anxiety/Trauma, and Relationships. She has recently hosted workshops about Aging with Grace, and offers small group ceremonial retreats for women pre and post menopause. For nearly three decades, she has balanced her career between teaching and owning a business with her husband. Louise’s greatest delight is her family and being a mother her two adult sons, and fur babies Cleo & Sophia. With a strong passion for women's wellness, Louise deeply understands the challenges of balancing multiple roles as a career woman, parent, and wife, whilst also prioritizing self-care. Through her teachings, she provides valuable strategies to cope with stress, anxiety & trauma, and fostering improved relationships with oneself and others through relational yoga. Louise offers a diverse range of movement and meditation styles, enabling her students to establish a profound connection between mind, body, and spirit and ultimately gain access to a state of deep peace.




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