The practice to show up for you. 

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You hold the keys to your happiness in your pocket. Your intuition strengthens and your stress is reduced, overwhelm softens and you feel the clarity arriving. The next step is revealed. This daily practice will change the way you go about your day.

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Does this sound familiar?

Its not much fun dreading the day ahead, knowing you will be pulled in a hundred different directions and feeling ungrounded and far fromCalm”.

Eyes open, you reach for your phone. What do you look at first?

Emails? News? Socials?

Oh no.. the pit in the tummy activated, just like yesterday and the day before that.

Then feet hit the ground and here we go again...

Who needs/wants something from you .. EVERYONE...well it feels like that. Same shizzz different day..

Same same.

What if..

The first 21 Minutes of your morning are not highjacked by the outside world or unhelpful habits that have crept in.

Imagine if you committed and showed up consistently for your morning practice.

Putting in positive, helpful and inspiring affirmation and a high vibe frequency...

Creating stillness and a quite space to hear your inner voice that knows your heart and what you want.

We need stillness for the solution to your authentic self to Whisper to you.

I invite you to sit in circle with me.

Nourish your body, give your wisdom a voice, override limiting beliefs and feel good!


Morning Magic Membership

This membership is practical, intelligent, spiritual and will change your life.

  • Your intuition strengthens, your stress is reduced, your overwhelm softens and you feel clarity arriving
  • Break the habit of checking social media first thing in the morning, and hijacking your emotions
  • Creating stillness and a quiet space to hear your inner voice

The power of a group is to strengthen your commitment to showing up. Often we will let ourselves down however when we have committed to a group we show up. 

Here's what the membership includes:

21 Minutes of Morning Magic

We meet ONLINE LIVE  for 21 minutes on 3 days per week.

Private Facebook Community 

Join the private Facebook Community and share your journey with us.


Print and use your copy of the e-book for our LIVE ONLINE sessions.

I am so ready for this!

Kind Words from Successful Dream Seekers


"There are times in our life, when we just need that little extra something, a spark of confirmation. I can tell you among all the laughs, the tears, the “A-Ha” moments, there is something in it for everyoneSince completing the Creative Insight journey, my life now has more than just that little spark, more than just that little something and definitely a whole lot of confirmation that I have the right to believe in myself, trust myself and rightfully love myself unconditionally with all of my heart.



Emma is a breath of fresh air, authentic and passionate about creating a better YOU. Any time spent with her is fruitful and uplifting. What you see is what you get with Emma. She is many wonderful and inspiring things but most of all to me is that she is relatable

Ready to put YOU on your list, today?

Yes, sign me up!

Let the Magic Begin! 

If you want change you must shake up what your doing!

 Its as easy as starting your day with 21 Minute's of focus and intent. You will have a new found sense of clarity with less stress. 21 minute soothing your nervous system first thing in the morning does wonders for your soul.

Fill your cup with gratitude, ground your day, and elevate your levels of self-confidence, self-love, and joy. Be sure to bring a yoga mat, a cushion, a pen, a journal, a cup of herbal tea and an open heart.


21 Minutes of Magic in 3 sets of 7 minutes:

7 minutes of blissful yoga

The healing power of yoga, yes even as little as 7 minutes will increase your flexibility and nourish your body. With a gentle practice, aimed at releasing tensions in the body and calming the nervous system.

We start with yoga as it wakes up the body and has you make the connection to self. Checking in with how your body feels and what it needs.

7 minutes of meditation/ affirmations

Meditation is now being back up by science and the benefits of a regular practice include: reduced feelings of anxiety and depression, great for self-confidence, elevates brain health, lowers inflammation, healthy sleep cycle and many more benefits to your wellbeing. Affirmations are wonderful to have as a positive anchor statement that you come back to during your practice as well as your day. Helpful to override limiting beliefs and they just make you feel really good.

7 minutes of flowetry

Allow your own voice of wisdom to have a voice, the power of pen to paper lets your intuition show up with guidance, honesty and often the next step. Flowetry/Journaling is a wonderful slef-coaching tool, no one knows better than your heart what's right for you. It also help you focus so that you only think about one thing at a time: quieten those voices.

Is it possible to put 21 mins aside each day?

At times this is going to be hard. And maybe even confronting - there will be days when you don't want to do this. This is ok and very normal. It's all part of levelling up and I can help you through this. This is why I am here.

This is where self-compassion comes in. Be gentle with yourself and keep showing up - I've got you.

Hello, I'm Emma Walkinshaw

I am a Women's Mentor, yoga teacher and Coach of the "Clarity Catalyst". Empowering women through transformation to live their best life. 
Sharing tools that will decrease stress and build confidence and self esteem. The tools are designed so they  can used the very next day.  Igniting passion & purpose and finding the inner spark that keeps moving you towards your desires. 


Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any other questions, please connect via the contact form at the menu above.

I have no more questions, I am in!

Join Morning Magic

It's easy to complain and do nothing about it. As a yoga teacher and business owner, transformation coach, mumsy and wife, I know how stuck in a rut and time poor we can get.

We have good intentions, however, there seems to be other things that call us in every direction. And then what can happen is a cranky version of myself screeching down the highway of life with a bad attitude, feeling stretched, stressed, overwhelmed and not to mention exhausted and at my wits end. Even getting sick of your own voice whining about the same stuff, different day. No vitality. Stuck in frustration.

I know, because this has been me.

When I decided to commit to regular practice and stay consistent, I have had immense personal and business growth. My creativity has blossomed and I am living a life of ease, joy, tangible prosperity, and Abundance.

That's why I created 21 Minutes of Morning Magic. From my own experience. If I don't put "ME" on the list first thing in the morning, I will be moved to tomorrow's list and then next week's list and even next month's list.

Studies have shown that practicing for 13 minutes once every few months isn't likely to yield as many benefits as practicing daily for 5 minutes.

In the end, there's no "magic number" for how long to meditate.

What's most important is that you choose a length of time that's:

  • realistic
  • practical
  • replicable
  • enjoyable

And I have seen this work so far in my experience with women who have come along with me to date.

Morning Magic Membership

Is this for you?

  • YOU are ready to have a breakthrough and grow
  • YOU are ready for increased self-awareness
  • YOU are ready to do the spiritual push ups
  • YOU are ready to inspire yourself & others
  • YOU want to tap into your creative well that dwells inside of YOU
  • YOU are committed to your personal growth
  • YOU want to consistently manifest , have amazing dreams & goals come to fruition

This is NOT for:

  • Those who don't want to change
  • Those who can't make time for themselves
  • Those who want excuses
  • Those who want to outsource their pushups
  • Those who are ok to manifest a green light and parking space, but that's as good as it gets

The membership includes:

LIVE virtual circle

Videos in real time, three mornings a week with Emma. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday mornings at 6am (Brisbane time) With replay available every day.

Monthly Resources

Morning Magic e-book with your month's worth of daily practice. This lands in your inbox ready for the month ahead.


Discounts to future Emma Walkinshaw workshops, retreats and master classes.

Join as a Founding Member and SAVE:

As a founding member, you will receive the specal pricing available now.

And you will continue at that price, as long as you remain a member in good standing.

AFTER our founding member launch, regular pricing is planned at $29/mth & $290/yr


$AU 44/m



$AU 440/yr


You can, and you will, show up for the collective... You don't have to do this alone.

We are often willing to show up for other over ourselves. When we give our word to another, we mean it.

But when it comes to you and your self-care, it's really hard to do alone. Because women love COMMUNITY and CONNECTION.

Going it alone doesn't have the same feel. It's time to gather all that energy you have given away, that's floating outside of yourself and harness it back into your body, mind and soul.

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