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From Overwhelmed to Clarity

I am delighted you found me. 

Welcome to the world of Transformation, self-help tools, and practicesAs your mentor, Im here to help, support, and walk the path with you. I work with women who are aspiring creative business owners to get unstuck and find clarity so they can stop feeling overwhelmed and take inspired action.


Em xx

Ways to work with me

I offer 1on 1 coaching via phone or zoom if preferred.

21 Minutes of Morning Magic

Gathering with our community on Facebook for a live 21 minute's to ignite your day. We share a simple morning ritual that helps with focus & clarity. 
7 minute of light yoga, 7 minutes of  meditation & 7 minutes of flowetry  (like journaling).


 One on One Coaching

We spend 1 hour together focusing on YOU, where are you now and where would you like to be. Sharing tools and process to uncover the next step. 


         The Clarity           Catalyst

An 8 week group coaching program that will change the way you look at things. Its a powerful personal process that opens up creativity and expands your mind. Reducing stress and feeling stuck. The Clarity Catalyst has changed the lives of hundred's of woman. 


 Celebrate A Sister Podcast

I host the Celebrate a Sister podcast, where I interview incredible women worldwide, from entrepreneurs to those on a mission. Each week, we have conversations that offer fresh perspectives and share personal stories of encouragement and empowerment. If you're seeking an inspiring podcast that celebrates women in all walks of life and business, then Celebrate a Sister is your ideal choice.


Hello, I’m Emma Walkinshaw.

I’m thrilled you’re here – because we’re a lot alike, you and I. We’re both on a journey to create our best life – from the inside out!

I often refer to it as “finding your joy” or “living out loud” and for anyone that knows me or has worked with me, they will tell you that empowering others to “find their Joy” is a central motivation I do this through my Clarity Catalyst Program, Desire Map workshops and one on one coaching.

When you are prepared to get out of “judgement” and into “curiosity” you’re able to answer some of the questions that often keep us searching for many years.

So who am I? I am a heart centred wife and mother of 2 beautiful children. I have had two successful businesses over the last 14 years.

I’m also a raving fan to empowering self-belief in others for a long time. Today I do it through my coaching practice and the Clarity Catalyst while my amazing husband focuses on Enhance, our Urban Planning Company.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for stopping by. YOU are my business. And my business is to help YOU thrive.

Here’s to finding and living unapologetically in your JOY!

Love and blessings

The Clarity Catalyst

This is an 8-week journey to self-discovery for women
ready to get unstuck and find their creative freedom.
The course is a proven, state-of-the-art methodology based on the
Stanford University Master's Degree, which has revolutionised the art
of success for individuals in business and individual mastery. 




"Since completing the Creative Insight journey, my life now has more than just that little sparkmore than just that little something and definitely a whole lot of confirmation that I have the right to believe in myself, trust myself and rightfully love myself unconditionally with all of my heart.

I say with open heart and lots of gratitude to Emma and the IJ experience, Thank You."


"Through 21 Minutes of Morning Magic, I have been guided into beautiful meditations and now I am calmer and able to start the day with clarity. I also gained so much more self awareness with the journalling.