From Overwhelmed to Clarity

Welcome to your transformative journey! Here, you'll find self-help tools and practices designed to guide you. As your mentor, my goal is to elevate your self-belief and confidence, challenge toxic diet culture, and encourage you to embrace your authentic self. It's time to move from the sidelines to a life filled with pride and no regrets. Together, we'll journey from feeling stuck and overwhelmed to finding clarity and taking inspired action.



Em xx

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Ways to work with me

One on One Coaching

We spend 1 hour together focusing on YOU, where are you now and where would you like to be. Sharing tools and process to uncover the next step. 


21 Minutes of Morning Magic

Gathering with our community on Facebook for a live 21 minutes to ignite your day. We share a simple morning ritual that helps with focus & clarity. 
7 minute of light yoga, 7 minutes of  meditation & 7 minutes of flowetry  (like journaling).


365 Days of Morning Magic 

Manifest a life you love with clarity, calm and joy. This book is a transformative daily guide designed to help you start each morning with intention and clarity. It provides inspiring prompts, thoughtful reflections, and simple exercises to infuse your days with calm, joy, and purpose. Whether you're looking to manifest new dreams or find peace in everyday moments, this book offers a year’s worth of wisdom to elevate your morning routine and enrich your life.


Embody Me Program

Join me where together we open our hearts and minds in a 6-week transformative program designed for women eager to break free from stagnation and limiting beliefs about themselves.

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Wholehearted Retreats

Join me and my soul sister Louise for the Wholehearted Retreat, an exquisite journey of self-discovery and cultural immersion that unfolds both in the vibrant heart of India and the tranquil settings of Australia. This retreat is all about enriching your soul, deepening your understanding of diverse traditions, and creating meaningful connections.


Celebrate a Sister Podcast

I host the Celebrate a Sister podcast, where I interview incredible women worldwide, from entrepreneurs to those on a mission. Each week, we have conversations that offer fresh perspectives and share personal stories of encouragement and empowerment. If you're seeking an inspiring podcast that celebrates women in all walks of life and business, then Celebrate a Sister is your ideal choice.


Hello, I’m Emma Walkinshaw.

A dedicated Transformational Coach, Accredited Yoga Instructor, and a dynamic entrepreneur passionate about empowering women. I founded the transformative 21 Minutes of Morning Magic and Embody Me Program, creating spaces for growth and self-discovery. I also lead the Body Love Revolution Online Summit and host the inspiring Wholehearted Retreat for women both in Australia and internationally. Additionally, I am the author of 365 Days of Morning Magic, a daily guide to setting your intuition and embracing a life of clarity and purpose.

With a decade of coaching experience backed by ICF certification, my journey in personal development and business began when I launched my first business at 23. As an Accredited 200hr Yoga Instructor, I have shared my expertise through over 1,000 hours of teaching, fostering a connection between mind, body, and spirit.

My true passion lies in guiding women to elevate their self-awareness and self-confidence, challenge toxic diet culture, and encourage the acceptance of their authentic selves. I empower my clients to break free from societal standards and pursue their heart's desires, regardless of size and shape. My impact is profound; I have inspired my students to embark on diverse journeys, including starting businesses, writing books, discovering their purpose, initiating new careers, and fostering deeper connections. My work is a testament to my commitment to fostering a world where women feel empowered, confident, and aligned with their true selves.


My signature program

The Embody Me Program

Embrace your authentic self and transition from "self-punishment to self-nourishment" with Embody Me Program. Join me where together we open our hearts and minds in a 6-week transformative program designed for women eager to break free from stagnation and limiting beliefs about themselves.




"Since completing the Creative Insight journey, my life now has more than just that little sparkmore than just that little something and definitely a whole lot of confirmation that I have the right to believe in myself, trust myself and rightfully love myself unconditionally with all of my heart.

I say with open heart and lots of gratitude to Emma and the IJ experience, Thank You."


"Through 21 Minutes of Morning Magic, I have been guided into beautiful meditations and now I am calmer and able to start the day with clarity. I also gained so much more self awareness with the journalling."


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